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D. Adam & Associates -- Making the difference -- with Enviroguard AG anti graffiti coating.


Product name :
ENVIROGUARD AG Anti-Graffiti water based sacrificial building protection coating 
D. Adam & Associates, 1 West end Units, "Charlesfield", St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0HH, Scotland, U.K.     
Tel: +44 (0) 1835 268120,       Mob 07880 805478,
        Email:  Web site:
STORAGE:                              Protect from freezing.
DRYING TIME:                       2 to 8 hours, very dependent on the drying conditions.
COVERAGE:                           From 5 - 12 sq. Metres per litre depending  on surface profile and porosity
PACK SIZE:                            5 litre, 20 litre drums.
FLASH POINT:                      None.
APPEARANCE:                      Creamy white liquid
Surfaces should be clean and free from surface dirt, dust and grease.
All loose friable material should be removed and damaged areas made good.
Efflorescence and laitence should be treated as appropriate. 
Existing mould growth should be treated and removed.
Where graffiti removal has been carried out prior to application ensure that all graffiti traces are removed.
Enviroguard AG as supplied is ready to use.
Apply Enviroguard AG when the air temperature is from 5℃ and 25℃ and the relative humidity below 90%.
Apply a minimum of three coats by compression back pack sprayer or airless spray. ​
Enviroguard AG can be applied by spraying mist coats, wet on wet. Otherwise, recoat when touch dry.
For spray work, apply by airless or air assisted sprayers in evenly applied fine mist coats using a maximum tip size of 0.015mm. minimum 0.011mm.  For back-pack pump sprayers use Pegler and Hardi tip sizes
4110-10 and -12 or equivalent from other suppliers.
For brush application, it is important to achieve a smooth, even coating.
Only use brushes or rollers on smooth surfaces.
After applying by roller, lay off by brush for an even finish.
Brushing should not be so vigorous as to cause excessive foaming.
Apply at the recommended coverage rates.
On poured concrete or textured surfaces, take care to cover all of the surface irregularities and indents. Subsequent removal of graffiti from poorly coated areas may prove difficult.
After use, all equipment should be cleaned by washing with warm soapy water.
Dried product can be removed using hot water with a trace of household ammonia added.
Always carry out a water spray test on treated areas. Water should bead on the surface and run off without darkening. If darkening is visible, apply a further coat.
Graffiti damage can easily be removed from treated surfaces without chemicals by using a hot water pressure washer at 1000-1500 psi maximum, and 85℃ temperature.
Clean larger areas from bottom up.
Repeat the process as necessary.
During cleaning the protective coating is removed along with the graffiti.
One or two coats of Enviroguard AG should be reapplied when the cleaned areas have dried.
These products are considered to be non hazardous. However, please ensure that operators read and understand the health and safety data sheet before using these materials
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