Long life architectural facade paint and permanent anti-graffiti coating 

  • Exceptional durability with a 20+ year service life

  • Incredible graffiti protection, tags easily removed without damage to substrate or Armaglaze coating

  • Resistant to mould, solvents, abrasion and U.V.

  • Easily cleaned

  • Lead free

  • Proven track record

  • Saves labour, material and maintenance costs

  • Can be used on many substrates including concrete, masonry, cement, metal, render, timber and most other construction materials

  • Available in a full range of finishes and bespoke, BS4800, RAL and standard colours

  • Long term weathering protection

  • Class "O" no fire or flame spread risk

  • Widely used in prestigious building projects

  • Specified by architects, local councils and housing associations

Armaglaze White long life anti-graffiti coating use to transform the 460 space multi storey car park at Dundasvale, in Glasgow.


long life weather resistant protective coating.

  • Widely used for prestigious building projects

  • All round protection and improved lux levels for subways and road tunnels

  • Food and drink processing industries

  • Abattoirs and other hygiene applications

  • Dairy buildings and milking parlours

  • Long term maintenance of difficult to paint assets

  • Anti-vandal, anti-graffiti application

  • Excellent UV, and solvent resistant properties. 

  • Exceptional durability, 20 year service life.

  • Resistant to mould, solvents and abrasion.

  • Can be used on most building substrates.

ARMAGLAZE, Clear anti graffiti coating used to protect the Brooklyn Public Library in New York, USA.


Aberuchill Castle, Scotland after renovation and painting with Armaglaze

Urban renewal of Glasgow Tenement blocks using Armaglaze.

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