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D. Adam & Associates, are manufacturers and suppliers, of Enviroguard AG, our award winning, sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. 

All Enviroguard products are made in our factory here in the Scottish Borders. 

Enviroguard, is the premier surface treatment product range, which provides tried and tested solutions for all aspects of building facade protection.

Our coatings are mainly water based, to ensure that they are easy to use and always cost effective.

Graffiti and grime can be removed from treated surfaces by using a hot water pressure wash.

scot parliament3.jpg

Scottish Parliament buildings - Edinburgh.

Treated with Enviroguard AG.


Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating

  • Enviroguard AG gives invisible anti graffiti protection for porous stone, brick, concrete etc.

  • Enviroguard AG does not change the appearance of treated surfaces.

  • Safe to use and harmless to the environment.

  • Does not contain solvents or other harmful chemicals.

  • Graffiti can be easily cleaned away from treated surfaces using a hot water pressure wash.


Comedy Carpet - Blackpool

Surface Protected with Enviroguard SP.


Chewing gum, oil and stain repellent.

  • Enviroguard SP is an invisible coating which protects building surfaces from absorbing oil, gum and water.

  • It is formulated to act as a surface barrier to prevent discarded chewing gum from sticking strongly which make it easier to remove.

  • Enviroguard SP makes building surfaces water and oil repellent to resist staining from graffiti oil and grime.

aglz euro.jpg


Long life urban renewal facade paint and permenant anti-graffiti coating 

Armaglaze is a modified 2-pack polyurethane coating with a service life of over 20 years. 
Due to its excellent UV- and solvent-resistant properties, Armaglaze is usually specified for projects which require long intervals before repainting, or for heavy duty anti-graffiti protection. 
Armaglaze is available in a full range of colours, as well as in clear lacquers.

EUROSTAR Ebbsfleet International Terminal, 

Protected with Armaglaze

Long life, anti graffiti coating.

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