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 ARMAGLAZE - Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. What is Armaglaze?

A. Armaglaze is a unique long life, easy to clean architectural coating suitable for use in demanding environments as well as in anti-graffitti applications.

Q. What makes Armaglaze unique?

A. Armaglaze is a proprietary formulation which provides a superior maintenance free resin coating system.

Armaglaze is unparalleled in strength and resistance to ultra violet light, solvents, harsh chemicals and flame spread.

Q. What surfaces and materials can you coat with Armaglaze?

A. Armaglaze is suitable for use on “properly prepared” concrete, steelwork and most construction materials and surfaces.

Q. What do you mean by properly prepared concrete and steelwork?

A. All surfaces require preparation to some degree. The preparation varies depending upon the substrate i.e. steel is “primed” while concrete is often “sealed”. The amount of preparation is often proportionate to the severity of the environment that the coating must perform in. Coatings that are to perform in severe, rugged environments must be applied to surfaces properly prepared by experienced professionals.

Q. Are there any surfaces on which Armaglaze should not be applied?

A. Yes. Armaglaze should not be applied to glazed or smooth ceramic surfaces or to surfaces which are solvent sensitive such as certain plastics and polycarbonate.

Q. Can Armaglaze only be applied by factory trained applicators?

A. No. Armaglaze can be applied by trade coatings applicators who have experience of two pack or industrial products, such as 2-pace epoxy and polyurethanes.

Q. Does D. Adam & Associates provide technical support or advice to contractors or independent applicators on the use and application of Armaglaze?

A. Yes. Technical and Materials Safety Data Sheets and a number of Recommended Construction Specifications are available to contractors and customers. In addition the company will provide information on solvent resistance, graffiti removal and industrial applications

Q. What type of coating is Armaglaze?

A. Armaglaze is generally described as a unique 2-pack aliphatic polyurethane.

Q. Is Armaglaze more expensive than other coatings systems?

A. No. While the in can cost per kilo is higher than quality paints and some commercial coatings, the coverage rate and hiding power are typically better. In addition, the protection offered by Armaglaze in the longer term makes it more cost effective than other coatings systems, as it substantially reduces application and maintenance costs over a ten to twelve year period.

Q. Does Armaglaze need maintenance?

A. Armaglaze is designed to provide long term protection with significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Q. In comparable circumstances will Armaglaze outperform other quality coatings systems?

A. Yes, it has a life span of 20+ years.

Q. How do you apply Armaglaze?

A. By brush or roller.

Q. What colours does it come in?

A. Armaglaze is available in a clear coat as well as in many colours.

Q. Is any colour available in small quantities?

A. Yes. Most colours are available and colour matching can be provided for quantities of 20 x 6 kilos or more.

Q. Is Armaglaze only available in a gloss finish?

A. No. Armaglaze is available in full gloss, 60% gloss and matt finishes.

Q. Is there a colour chart?

A. No. Colour matching to Pantone Professional Colour system and the Natural Colour System (NCS) is available along with other accepted colour reference systems

Q. Is Armaglaze difficult to apply?

A. No. Armaglaze is easy to apply for trade painting contractors experienced in using two pack or industrial paints.

Q. Why is Armaglaze recommended for professional use only?

A. The Armaglaze system is designed to provide long term performance and coatings professionals will properly clean and prepare the surface. They will also understand the importance of complying with manufacturers recommendations.

Q. Can Armaglaze be used in my home?

A. Yes. Armaglaze can be applied to properly prepared concrete, steelwork and most standard construction materials including hard wood flooring. Trade applicators are recommended.

Q. What does Armaglaze look like?

A. Armaglaze provides a smooth, dense film which can be clear or coloured gloss or matt

Q. Can I thin Armaglaze in use?

A. Yes, but only use the correct thinners

Q. What coverage rate will I get?

A. It depends upon surface type, profile and porosity. We can give guide information but basically, coverage will be between 6 and 10 sq. metres per kilo.

Q. Do I have to use Armaglaze Sealers and Primers?

A. No. While the whole system of Primer/ Sealer and Topcoat works extremely well, Armaglaze is often used as a topcoat for other undercoats

Q. What is the difference between Armaglaze and a top quality paint?

A. Quality paints for exterior protection are normally formulated to provide weathering from the elements. Quality paints used for exterior/interior use are also formulated to provide hiding power for the surface they cover. Armaglaze is designed to give long term weathering protection, hiding power and flame spread and graffitti. resistance to ultra violet light, solvents, chemicals,

Q. Can I overcoat Armaglaze?

A. Yes. You would normally rub down the surface film to remove any gloss before overcoating.

The surface must be sound and tightly adhered to the substrate, clean, dry and free of contaminants.

Q. How many coats of Armaglaze are recommended?

A. Normally two coats of Armaglaze over properly primed or sealed surfaces.

Q. What are some examples of where Armaglaze is used?

A. Armaglaze is used in:

Industrial, commercial applications where there are high concentrations of solvents and / or chemicals in use. 

Architectural applications where a long term, easily maintained, low maintenance, stay bright protective coating is required (i.e. McDonald’s).

Areas prone to mould, mildew, bacteriostatic or fungal attack (car wash interiors, public showers, communal rest areas. 

Areas prone to graffitti attack such as high traffic public areas, stairwells.

Areas requiring a coating system with very low flame spread properties.

Armaglaze provides superior performance characteristics on most areas.

Q. Where can I obtain Armaglaze?

A. Armaglaze is only available from D. Adam& Associates, it is manufactured to order so that when it arrives at contractors it is fresh with a full shelf life of 12 months minimum in original sealed containers.

Q. Does D. Adam & Associates manufacture other coatings?

A. Yes. We manufacture a wide range of protective coatings and surface treatments for building and for steel work protection. Most are water based and innovative and several have won awards for environmental improvement and innovation. 

. For more information please contact us .
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