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Chewing gum, oil and stain repellent.


Enviroguard SP is a super oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, (it repels oil and water).

Enviroguard SP acts as an invisible surface barrier which stops discarded chewing gum from sticking strongly to brick, stone or concrete walkways, (not suitable for use on tar or asphalt).

All porous building surfaces can now be treated to make them resistant to staining from oil, graffiti, grime and water.

This revolutionary protective coating causes liquids to bead and roll away off 

the treated surface, which enables floors and pedestrian walk ways to stay clean and remain dry. 

  • The Oleophobic funtionality creates a surface that repels oils.

  • Prevents chemicals, lubricants, and oils from staining and contaminating surfaces.

  • Helps to manage easier clean up of carelessly discarded chewing gum.

  • Maintains and protects surfaces that must remain clean and free from water, and oil.

  • Stops accumulation of grime and dirt from continuous foot traffic.

Surface Protection from ENVIORGUARD SP  -  Chewing gum, oil and stain repellent,
Protecting The Comedy Carpet  -  Blackpool.
protecting the Comedy Carpet

What were the advantages of Enviroguard SP which made it the chosen coating to protect The Comedy Carpet.

  • Superb hydrophobic and oleophobic properties ensures outstanding water and oil repellency with very low dirt pick-up

  • Exceptional weathering properties gives 5-10 years protection.

  • Self-cleaning system which still allows protected surfaces to breathe

  • Water based, safe, easy and ready to use

  • Quick and easy clean up of treated areas.

  • Invisible treatment with no staining or discolouration

  • Can be used on stone, monoblock and concrete

  • Resistant to organic oils, food and wine stains

  • Easy clean up of gum litter, to help keep town center streets clean

  • Specified by architects, local councils and housing associations

  • VOC regulation compliance

  • Saves labour and reduces maintenance costs.


The Comedy Carpet, under construction


Washing dirt and grime from the surface which is protected by Enviroguard SP.

How does Enviroguard SP Surface Protection work.

Put simply, Enviroguard SP is formulated from a flurocarbon compound, very similar to PTFE giving exceptional non stick properties to building surfaces.

When water makes contact with the Enviroguard SP treated surface, the water molecules have a higher surface tension than the treated surface.

This ensures that these molecules are attracted to each other so they join together and form droplets.

The Enviroguard SP treatment repels the water droplets, which roll off, and this and keeps the surface dry.

water drops7.jpg

Water beading on concrete,

protected by Enviroguard SP.

Untreated surface.

(has a high surface tension).


Untreated base material gets wet as it strongly attracts the water molecules, nothing is there to stop the water from soaking in because it does not form beads.

Enviroguard SP treated surface.

(gives a low surface tension).


The water is repelled because the attraction forces  between the water molecules is stronger than the treated base material, and the water forms a droplet.

Enviroguard SP is oleophobic so it repels oil in just the same way as it repels water.

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