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Picture gallery featuring Enviroguard AG - projects.

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Port Seton Promenade, Edinburgh
Enviroguard AG used to protect the walls and red sandstone features at Port Seton Promenade. Work funded by the EU as part of an urban redevelopment project
Wimbledon Tennis Club
Invisible graffiti protection in public areas from Enviroguard AG.
Haydon Bridge Bypass
Side walls & underpass protected with enviroguard
Northern Spire Bridge Sunderland
Side walls protected against graffiti with Enviroguard AG.
Scottish Parliament Building
Treated with two spray coats of Enviroguard AG.
Can you see it?
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament
Northern Spire Bridge Sunderland
Applying Enviroguard AG anti graffiti coating to this new bridge across the river Tyne at Sunderland.
Protected by anti-graffiti coating.
This River Wear bridge wall has been protected by two coats of Enviroguard AG.
Can you see it ??
Applying Enviroguard AG
Easy application of Enviroguard AG to a concrete wall using a simple pressure spray.
Water beading effect.
Surfaces protected by Enviroguard AG become water resistant but it still allows the structure to breathe.
Scottish Parliament - Canongate
Enviroguard AG graffiti protected wall surface at the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.
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