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D. Adam & Associates, manufacture and supply Enviroguard AG, our award winning, easy to use, low cost, sacrificial anti-graffiti coating from our factory here in the Scottish Borders. 

Enviroguard AG is the tried and tested surface protection coating used to fight against graffiti.

To remove graffiti simply wash it away with a hot water low pressure wash.

Enviroguard AG Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Enviroguard AG is an outstanding, award winning, easy to use, low cost, sacrificial anti-graffiti product.

We manufacturer our own anti-graffiti coating, Enviroguard AG, and we are members of Construction Line and the Safe Contractor Scheme.

  • After 18 months of testing against leading European products Enviroguard AG was chosen as the best anti-graffiti system to protect the precast walls and civic areas of the Scottish Parliament buildings.

  • It is used to protect the boundary walls at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis complex.

  • The retaining walls of the new Northern Spire Bridge over the river Wear at Sunderland are protected by Enviroguard AG.

  • Highway bypass bridge structures such as the Haydon Bridge and Porthmadog bypass schemes are also projects which we have successfully protected with Enviroguard AG.

  • Enviroguard AG gives invisible protection to stone, brick, cement and acrylic renders, cast stone, concrete and other porous building surfaces.

  • Enviroguard AG does not change the appearance of treated surfaces.

  • Safe to use and harmless to the environment.

  • Does not contain solvents or other harmful chemicals.

  • Graffiti is easily cleaned away with a hot water low pressure wash.

  • Fire resistance Class "O" on mineral surfaces.

  • Following it's development , Enviroguard AG, won the Queen Mother's Birthday Award for Environmental Improvements and a John Logie Baird Award for Innovation.

full bridge.jpg
Northern Spire Bridge over the River Wear at Sunderland. Protected with Enviroguard AG anti-graffiti coating.

Enviroguard AG anti-graffiti coating is widely use for:

  • Stone monuments and public buildings exterior protection.

  • New build projects and urban refurbishments.

  • Natural stone and reconstituted stone.

  • Facades for public buildings, supermarkets and civic areas.

  • Civil Construction projects such as bypasses, bridges, underpasses, river flood walls and coastal defences.

  • All buildings and constructions requiring anti-graffiti protection. 

  • Enviroguard AG is an effective barrier to graffiti, but it still allows treated surfaces to breathe.


Enviroguard AG is specified for use by :

  • Architects, Civil Engineeering and Construction Companies

  • Surveyors, Public Health and Education Bodies

  • Local council roads, cleansing, and development departments


Enviroguard AG

used to protect the public queuing areas and perimeter walls at Wimbledon

How to use Enviroguard AG anti-graffiti coating.

Enviroguard AG is a very safe to use and easy to apply anti-graffiti coating. 

  1. For large projects we apply Enviroguard using an airless sprayer. By adding sprayer lance extensions we can spray surfaces up to 6 metres above ground level with no need for scaffolding or a cherry picker.

  2. To spray lower, easy to reach structures such as flood defence walls, we apply  Enviroguard AG with a standard knapsack sprayer.

  3. To touch up small areas which have been cleaned to remove graffiti, simply reapply Enviroguard AG using a pump up garden pressure spray.

  4. Cleaning up after the job is simple, just wash and clean up equipment and sprayers with water.​


Safe to use, applying Enviroguard AG to the perimeter walls at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club at Wimbledon.

Scottish Parliament Blast Wall

Easy to use, spraying Enviroguard AG onto the perimeter blast walls of the Scottish Parliament Buildings, at Holyrood in Edinburgh.

Enviroguard AG anti-graffiti coating, product application and project management 

safe contractor.jpg

As well as manufacturing our own products, we can project manage contracts where our products are being applied.

We can also offer confidential arrangements to supply our well established products under our own label customers own brand names. Please ask for a quotation initially by email or by phone.

connstruction line.jpg
Some of the projects which we have protected with Enviroguard AG anti graffiti include: 
  • The Scottish Parliament buildings in Edinburgh.

  • The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon 

  • The Haydon Bridge Bypass Bridges.

  • The Six Porthmadog Bypass Bridge structures.

  • The National Gallery in London and 

  • The 2012 London Olympic Stadium Columns.

  • Barking & Dagenham NHS Trust, LIFT project  specified Enviroguard AG for six Day Hospitals and Health Centres constructed by Miller Construction 

  • Northern Spire bridge over the river Wear at Sunderland, part of retaining wall pictured

full bridge.jpg

Architects and Civil Construction Contractors choose to work with our products on a wide range of new build and urban renewal projects. These include Rail & Highway bridges, River Flood Defences, Sea Walls, Supermarkets, Public Buildings, Shopping Malls, Multi story Car Parks, Public Housing, Health Centres and various other  building projects.

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