D. Adam & Associates, are manufacturers and suppliers, of Enviroguard AG, our award winning, sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. 

All Enviroguard products are made in our factory here in the Scottish Borders. 

Enviroguard, is the premier surface protection product range, which provides tried and tested solutions for all aspects of building facade treatments.

Here are brief outlines of some of the ancillary products which are also manufactured by us.

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Neutral hard surface detergent cleaner

Just brush or spray Ph7 onto the surface, scrub well to make good cleaning contact, then rinse away with fresh water through a pressure washer or hose.

  • Great hard surface cleaner for all building surfaces.

  • Perfect surface preparation prior to painting.

  • Neutral cleaner, with no harmful materials.

  • Contains no Alkaline chemicals, solvents or acids.

  • Safer for employees to use. 

  • Very easy to rinse clean.



Heavy duty water miscible graffiti remover for use in removing graffiti from porous and previously untreated building surfaces.

It makes for easy removal of graffiti tags from surfaces which have been sealed and protected by Armaglaze.

Water repellant.jpg

Photo shows the water beading on the treated surface. The water droplets then roll off, to wet out the untreated area below


When surfaces are protected with a specialist hydrophobe, such as ENVIROGUARD WR  the surfaces are kept dry, this reduces thermal conductivity and increases energy efficiency of the building.

This water based, invisible, hydrophobic coating permanently seals and waterproofs stone, concrete and brick structures.

Enviroguard WR makes water bead and roll away off the treated surface without wetting into the fabric of the building.  This non hazardous, pore impregnating water repellent  gives a 5/10 year service life even on very porous building surfaces.


Armaglaze Surface Sealer being applied to

The Eurostar International Terminal, at Ebbsfleet, Dartford, Kent.

ARMAGLAZE   -   Surface Sealer

A single pack, moisture cured, solvent based Polyurethane which gives outstanding performance, as a surface binding, primer/sealer. 

This coating hardens and cures by reacting with any natural dampness in the air or the building surface material. 

It bonds into the structure, to stabilise any porous, unsealed, or graffiti tagged building surfaces, in preparation for painting with our 2-pack Armaglaze Topcoat System.